Better than donut brace
"Helped my daughter battle through soccer season while also doing physical therapy and stretching. Pain while playing with donut braces was at an 8 and with the NuNee on both knees said it went down to a 3-4. "
Erin C.
Game Changer
"I love my NuNee. "
Ali K.
"I was having pain under my knee cap on one of my latest long runs- I had a big race approaching and came across this when looking up “runners knee,” I quickly ordered and used in my race and it worked great with no pain! I will be using this in all my long runs ♥️"
"As a parent of a 14 yr old child that had continued pain in his knee for almost a year, I am very thankful for NuNee. My son was an avid baseball player. He also enjoyed running and swimming. All his joys were put on hold for extreme knee pain. After x-rays, a new bed, arch inserts, 14 weeks (2x a week) physical therapy, we were told "let's continue therapy". This was crushing for my son to hear as he couldn't participate in his baseball season. While talking with friends, NuNee was brought to my attention. I figured, at that point, I will try anything. The moment my son tried NuNee, the pain was GONE!! NuNee has been a breath of fresh air. Thank you NuNee!!!"
A unique concept to treat an age old problem
"I have been trying NuNee in my PT practice the last several weeks. Its general concept and unique approach really caught my eye. Knee pain is a top 5 diagnosis that I work with in my practice, and so I am always interested in new and novel treatment approaches. I have found that clients will report an initial relief of pain with its application. This has allowed several patients to trial running and going up/down stairs without pain where they were previously having pain with these activities. I have experimented applying the NuNee before a person's therapeutic exercise program which has allowed the client to work harder and perform a greater volume of exercise without increased pain. This has allowed me to speed up their rehabilitation protocol. So far I have been impressed with the results. I appreciate the new and novel design, ease of use and application. Thank you."
Ben Shatto, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Works Good
"I tried the nunee have run a total of 3 times with it, 2 to 2.5 miles each time. Before the nunee I could feel knee pain and need to slow down to finish. After the run I needed to ice the knee and it hurt a lot going down stairs. So far after 3 runs my knee feels good. \ Looking forward to putting on more miles"
Jay Forster
Instant relief while running
"My right knee is missing cartilage behind the patella so I haven't been able to run without pain. I tried NuNee and the pain was instantly gone, from the first step. And, no more swelling after the run. I will keep testing the product as I up the miles and report back."
Steve Nicosia
Knee pain gone!
"I started using Nunee for reducing pain in my knees. My first experience was wearing them going up and down stairs. This brought me to tears because I experienced NO pain immediately! I have not been able to jog for years because of pain....once again when I wear Nunee there is no pain whatsoever! I now wear them for bike riding and my experience is once again the same NO PAIN This product is unbelievable and I highly recommend them to anyone wishes to get back to a pain free life!"
Marcia Dahlman
Knee Relief
"NuNee not only allowed me to resume my exercise regimen pain-free, but my knees continued to feel better with continued use. With traditional orthopedic treatment of shots and surgery being the norm; it is such a relief that there is an alternative such as this ingenious, yet simple-to-use device. Thank you!"
Lisa Allen