Information for Medical Professionals

The NuNee brace is a unique concept that utilizes a proprietary design to help distract (offload) the patella from the femur to allow for decreased friction between the patellofemoral joint. This offloading allows the knee to function more normally with decreased friction and therefore decreased pain for the individual. The NuNee’s ability to truly affect the alignment and ultimately the amount of friction in the patellofemoral joint is the critical differentiator with this system. We know that PFPS is associated with a poor tracking and friction issue leading to pain and dysfunction.

Incorporating the NuNee has allowed my clients to reduce pain levels without additional medication management. This reduction in pain carries with it a myriad of benefits. First of all, the client can remain active while the list of activities to avoid due to pain significantly reduces. This has a significant impact on the person’s ability to stay physically healthy while positively impacting the psychological side of dealing with pain and injury. The NuNee allows the person to participate in a greater array of physical therapy rehabilitation exercises without pain limiting their recovery. I have found by incorporating the NuNee brace into my practice I can advance a client’s therapeutic exercise program more quickly while getting clients back to activity faster without risk of continued irritation to the patella prolonging recovery.

– Dr. Ben Shatto

Success Stories

Marcia D
Recreational runner and outdoor enthusiast
Age group: 55-59
Diagnosis: PFPS - Chondromalacia
Symptoms: Unable to climb stairs or run
Duration: >5 years
For years, Marcia had difficulty climbing stairs and had given up running altogether. She had tried multiple knee supports and made several trips to the doctor which included an orthopedic surgeon. Nothing helped. NuNee provided Marcia with significant and immediate relief. She is now able to climb stairs and run without knee pain.
Zach B
RCollegiate track and basketball player
Age group: 18-24
Diagnosis: Patellar Tendonitis
Symptoms: Unable to run or jump
Duration: >2 years
As a collegiate track athlete, Zach was unable to run or jump without discomfort. His uncle, a licensed PT, had tried to correct the problem for over 2 years. From the very moment that Zach strapped NuNee on he was able to run and jump without pain. He credits NuNee with saving his freshman track season. Today Zach is pain free.