There's a reason your old compression sleeves don't work—they add pressure instead of relieving it. NuNee™ is a new device that is designed to relieve pressure by gently pulling on your knee cap.

Created with sufferers of patellofemoral pain (a.k.a. Runner’s Knee) in mind, NuNee™ is able to create a small gap between your patella (knee cap) and your femur (thigh bone), so your knee can glide smoothly. A little pull makes a big difference!

Specifically Designed to Help Those With

Maltracking (Patellar)
Arthritis (Patellar)
Runner's Knee (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome)
Jumper's Knee (Patellar Tendonitis)
Mild chondromalacia

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A Solution that Works

After years of suffering from chronic knee pain and trying nearly everything on the market, I decided to engineer a better solution. The result, NuNee™, finally worked to address the underlying cause of my condition.

Wearing my NuNees, I can run and bike completely pain free for the first time in years. There are no words for the sensation of being pain free after living with it for so long. I hope it can do the same for you.

- Mike Emmerling, Inventor of NuNee™

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Life-Changing Pain Relief



50-59, active grandma, chronic PFP (OA)

"It brought me to tears. I was able to go up and down stairs with No knee pain."



18, collegiate high jumper, chronic PFP (patellar tendonitis)

"It saved my season! It's painful to jump without it."



50-59, active hiker, chronic PFP (OA)

"My knees got incredibly better after using NuNee. My knees haven't regressed. In fact, I'm putting all my weight on my worst knee and it doesn't hurt."

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